Hello JLTm supporters!!!

Just so you know, we will be in LA on October 18th all day, starting at 9:30 am to 7:00 pm at LACC.  We have been asked to present at their Women’s Day Health event.  While we will be there for the women, we will be addressing topics for everyone, including men, children and teens.  We will introduce and share the Medical Missionary Work, Healthy Living…all natural without drugs, natural remedies, physiology, snacks and the 8-Laws of Health.  We will have presentations linking health and the bible and more.  Lunch will be provided by our JLTm Plant-based Chef. Lastly, in the evening there will be interactive breakout sessions.

We invite you to come out and support.


650 W 21st St
Los Angeles, CA 90007-2030


Move It in the Open Air

There are many an exercise extraordinaire and what a wonderful inspiration they are for many. How many a one gets up off the couch to step into the gym to begin? This is not a question for guilt purposes. I just want to encourage those of us who find it difficult to get motivated to exercise. Did you know that two of the best forms of exercise are walking and gardening? Here is a statement: “Walking, in all cases where it is possible, is the best remedy for diseased bodies, because in this exercise all the organs of the body are brought into use.” (3T 78.1) Our bodies/temples are very important to us and too often do we take them for granted. Imagine if our heart muscle decided it didn’t want to work anymore, because it doesn’t feel like pumping. That would not be cool. How amazing that our lungs continue to reciprocate and work in harmony in keeping the oxygen and carbon dioxide dance flowing. As stewards we need to take care and get moving to help the body maintain and better its health.

Imagine a space in the outdoors where you could workout as you would in the gym…but better. Free flowing air, sunlight, water and the heavens above. This backdrop accompanied by nature’s song, swaying leaves brushing against themselves in the soft wind and the varying birds singing as they go about their daily tasks of life. Gardening is another form of exercise that brings all of the bodies muscles into action. Take raking for instance; you are working the back, the arms, the gluteus, stomach and the leg muscles. Imagine the toning from that exercise. There are many other ways to get great toning and cardio through gardening and without even really thinking about it. Check out what WebMd says about this idea: http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/get-fit-by-gardening

Let’s get out there and get our bodies moving…it’s the least we can do to give back to the One who gave them to us. You will be blessed. Challenge yourself for 21 days. Everyday for at least 30 minutes. Let us know how you are doing. As Medical Missionaries, we would be happy to support you in anyway we can.

Let’s do it together!
Sussannie and the JLTm Team

We’re back!!

We’re back!!

Welcome everyone. JTLministries has been running strong over the years thanks to all the help we have been receiving through the Lord and through people that the Lord has brought our way. We are very thankful. We have been learning and preparing the ministry for what the Lord wants us to do. Now that we are more prepared and have gained more help along the way, we have decided to get this website back up and running. We plan to reach out in whatever way the Lord wants us to and spread the truth. With love and a humble heart we say thank you for supporting us and we pray that you want to learn and grow with us along the way and be a part of our family in Jesus Christ. We will be updating this site regularly with photos, videos, and blogs about our experiences with this ministry, Jesus Christ, and country living. It will be a blessing. – Love JLTministries


We would like to take the time to welcome each of you to the launching of our new blog site, Just Love Them Ministries. Since our first day, we have made several updates that we believe you will enjoy. Explore our site and feel free to leave comments that will help us help you and that will help us serve your needs more effectively.


Your JLTm Team