Just Love Them Ministries (JLTm) is dedicated to leading individuals to their true Source of health, strength and happiness. As we seek to meet the needs of the whole person mentally, spiritually and physically, our heart’s cry is to reach the hurting, those in need of change and seeking support. Through the ministry of health and counseling, our perpetual goal is to inspire those we work with to seek a better life free from dis-ease and stressors of the mind through the power of Jesus Christ.

About the founder…

Dr. Deenah is a Christian Counselor, married almost 20 years with 2 teenage children. She has always desired to labor in the work of the Lord by working with youth, young adults, couples and parents. Privately, she works as a counselor/therapist in the areas of mental health, life style development, human and child development. She has co-authored several study guides and has dedicated many years to helping the community.

Our Team…

Hadassah Essing has a passion for working with people. She has worked with youth and adults in various capacities, mostly in the areas of education and health for over 10 years. Hadassah enjoys sharing simple and natural remedies, health tips, and healthy recipes. Our very valued team member finds satisfaction in seeing the positive results of her labor.


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